JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Created by Anthony Alicea

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What Will I Learn?

Grasp how Javascript works and it's fundamental concepts Write solid, good Javascript code Understand advanced concepts such as closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs, and much more.

  • Basic Javascript knowledge (variables, loops, and basic functions - that's all the course expects you to know!)
  • A browser and text editor

avascript is the language that modern developers need to know, and know well. Truly knowing Javascript will get you a job, and enable you to build quality web and server applications.

NOTE: This course includes information on ECMAScript 6 (ES6) the next version of Javascript!

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Javascript, learn how Javascript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems. You will find clarity in the parts that others, even experienced coders, may find weird, odd, and at times incomprehensible. 

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